Everything You Need to Know About Bioglitter: The Eco-Friendly Sparkle

Everything You Need to Know About Bioglitter: The Eco-Friendly Sparkle

Introduction to Biodegradable Glitter

Biodegradable glitter products are designed to degrade in natural freshwater environments, representing a new era in decorative sparkles. Engineered from natural and plant-derived materials, biodegradable glitter aims to replace traditional plastic glitter with a more sustainable alternative. According to the brand's guidelines and certifications, Bioglitter® should ideally biodegrade quickly and safely when it enters natural environments like rivers, lakes, or soils that are rich in microbes. This is because the biodegradation process depends on microbial action to break down the cellulose-based material of the glitter.

Environmental Benefits

Biodegradable glitter decomposes in natural settings like rivers and lakes. This glitter is not just made to break down in industrial composting facilities but is proven to biodegrade in the actual environments where it might end up after use. With certifications such as TÜV’s ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ mark, Bioglitter® assures consumers that the product can degrade naturally, leaving minimal impact on ecosystems.

Proper Usage and Removal

While Bioglitter® is water-insoluble, which means it won't just dissolve when washed off with water, it can still be removed this way. The recommendation for environmentally conscious removal would be to capture the glitter particles using a cloth or a makeup removal pad to prevent them from entering the water system via drains, which could lead them to environments not conducive to their designed biodegradation process. Once collected, the best disposal method is to place it in trash where it could potentially reach appropriate composting facilities or natural environments suited for its breakdown.

Applications and Innovations

Bioglitter® is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, including our body art cosmetic products. This adaptability, combined with its environmental credentials, makes Bioglitter® a pioneering product. It’s designed to appeal to anyone looking to add some sparkle to their life without the environmental impact typically associated with traditional glitters.


Choosing biodegradable glitter as a consumer or as a business, can help reduce the amount of microplastic pollution and support the transition to a more sustainable world. It’s time to sparkle sustainably!

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