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Biodegradable Glitter (Sparkle Range - Fine Flakes)

Biodegradable glitter produces a brilliant metallic effect that is indistinguishable from traditional plastic metallic glitter.

The Glitter Tree's biodegradable glitter range:  (Sparkle Range)

Our range of biodegradable cosmetic glitter comes in 100% recyclable aluminium pots. These are directly branded in the UK by at our own in-house printing department, using  the very latest eco-friendly UV ink printing process.
With a handy grooved screw lid for extra comfort, also perfect for small hands to open and close. This gives parents of young ones the assurance that their children will gain confidence in utilizing our products.

We use three different aluminium pot sizes, enabling us to offer differing weights and sizes of glitter flakes for all your needs.

2.5g glitters come in pots that are, 2.5cm wide x 1.5cm high
5g glitters come in pots that are, 3.5cm wide x 1.7cm high
15g glitters come in pots that are, 5cm wide x 2cm high

We have 3 sizes of flakes Available in our range.
Fresh 008 (Fine Flakes)
Dance 040 (Mini Flakes)
Glam 094 (Chunky Flakes)

As glitter flakes all come with a unique size code, we have decided to show the universal code so you are better informed as a customer for future ordering. 

Please note:
We do not use plastic pots or plastic bags to distribute our biodegradable glitter range. The Glitter Tree believe that standing by our commitment to the environment means using the most environmentally friendly methods available to us to achieve our goals.