At The Glitter Tree, we are passionately dedicated to bringing you the most cutting-edge Temporary Tattoos and Accessory Product Ranges available in today's ever-evolving marketplace. We don't settle for ordinary; we aim for extraordinary!

Early on, we recognized an insatiable desire for excitement in the world of Glitter Tattoos. Our customers told us they wanted MORE—more stencils, more glitter, and more designs that broke free from the ordinary. So, we took it upon ourselves to deliver exactly that!

As the UK's preferred supplier of Temporary Tattoos and accessories, we're continually crafting a range of products that we're certain you'll fall in love with. But we're not stopping here—our product and stencil range will keep growing in the coming months and years. So, if you don't see what you're looking for today, rest assured, we're busy working on new designs to keep you coming back for more.

Your safety is our utmost priority at The Glitter Tree. We're committed to providing you with the latest Safety Data Sheets, ensuring your peace of mind.

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