Environmental Policy Statement

The Glitter Tree Ltd recognises the need to control environmental issues through a planned, systematic approach through an Environmental Management System (EMS), by reducing our global environmental burden.  We aim to look at our direct effect on the surrounding environment, the disturbance that our work activities have on the people in the surrounding vicinity and the wider effect of our activities on global resources.

Carbon neutral commitment

For all our customers and at no extra cost to you, our commitment is to make every parcel we deliver carbon neutral.
We measure our CO2 emissions, and by endeavouring to reduce them, and offsetting the remaining emissions.

Smart urban delivery

As delivery to more and more people increases every day, we need to be aware of our impact on our local populations and communities and be able to able to offer solutions which help to improve peoples way of living.

Innovative entrepreneurship

With the rise of e-shopping and on-demand delivery, traditional methods of delivery in the business sectors is being remodelled.
Thus, innovation is promoted internally and externally of our business.

Closer communities

As our customer base grows, so too, does our opportunities to create and foster long lasting relationships.
As such, our aim to have a positive influence on our closest communities by bringing the people we are closest to together and help build the community.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

The Glitter Tree Ltd aim to suitably control the environmental effects of our work activities by protecting and improving the environment through good management and adopting best practice wherever possible.  This includes a commitment to develop a culture of continual environmental improvement and wherever possible, adopting greener alternatives.

Local Effects

Assess the environmental impact of business operations and continuously seek to improve environmental efficiencies of our operations, including buildings and work practices

Protect and Improve

Raise staff awareness through the provision of suitable information and training on environmental issues and encouraging participation in environmental matters.

Environmental Legislation

Comply fully with relevant environmental legislation, codes of practice and regulations.

Environmental Policy

Commit the necessary financial resources to fulfil the environmental policy.

Reuse Recycle

Endeavour to use sustainable materials and products that are reusable or can be recycled in order to minimise waste.

Energy Consumption

Reduce energy consumption, and where possible, work with suppliers who themselves have sound environmental policies.

Waste Transportation

Where necessary, ensure that all waste is transported and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner, in accordance with statutory duty of care requirements.

Greener Alternatives

We are working on a system to transform our workplace culture to reduce our carbon footprint by going paperless as much as possible.

What we will do

We will regularly monitor performance and compliance with the Environmental Policy, and carry out an annual review of its content and amend where necessary.  The Glitter Tree Ltd will communicate the Environmental Policy to all employees and sub-contractors, to ensure that we work together to reduce our environmental burden. Upon request, it will also be available to customers and the general public.