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Celebrate World Earth Month with The Glitter Tree's Earth-Themed Glitter Kits

🌟 Embrace your creativity and make a positive impact this World Earth Month by choosing sustainable glitter for your artistic expressions.
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Everything You Need to Know About Bioglitter: The Eco-Friendly Sparkle

Choosing biodegradable glitter as a consumer or as a business, can help reduce the amount of microplastic pollution and support the transition to a more sustainable world. It’s time to sparkle sustainably!

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Shine Responsibly!

Our products are eye-catching and also environmentally friendly. Made from natural cellulose derived from eucalyptus trees, it decomposes naturally, offering a way to add sparkle to cosmetic body art, crafts, and decorations.
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Get ready to flex the budding artist in you! 💪

New sleek design for our cosmetic art kits for boys.
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How Biodegradable is Changing the Environmental Game.

Embracing Sustainable Sparkle   How Biodegradable is Changing the Environmental Game Microplastics are tiny plastic particles, less...
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The Glitter Tree’s Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiative

Initiate recycling programs and consider partnering with and sourcing materials from sustainable suppliers. Encourage a culture of sustainability within your organisation by educating and engaging employees in your green mission
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