Stencil Sheets - Budget-friendly and exciting additions for enhancing any kit

Explore Many Exciting Themes with Glitter Tattoo Stencil Sheets

Add a touch of magic to your glitter tattoo kits with our glitter tattoo stencil sheets. These sheets are perfect for expanding your stencil collection or refreshing your child's tattoo kit. Each sheet includes 20 different stencils with a wide range of cool themes. Plus, there are three full sheets in each pack, giving you a total of 60 stencils to choose from!

What Makes Them Fantastic:

  • Diverse Themes: Our stencil sheets cover a variety of exciting topics, such as dinosaurs, hearts, flowers, transport, stars, butterflies, and more. With so many options, you can create sparkling tattoos for any occasion.

  • Great for Gifting: These stencil sheets also make excellent additions to glitter tattoo kits. They are perfect for decorating not just the skin but also other items like phone cases, notebooks, or anything else your creative mind can think of. They're even great for filling up stockings during the holidays.

Let your imagination run wild with our glitter tattoo stencil sheets. Whether you're an experienced tattoo artist or just starting out, these stencils are here to make your glitter tattoo experience more vibrant and full of exciting themes!