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How Biodegradable is Changing the Environmental Game.

Embracing Sustainable Sparkle


How Biodegradable is Changing the Environmental Game

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles, less than 5mm in size, have become pervasive in the environment, found in oceans, lakes, soil, and air, and have even made their way into the food chain, affecting marine life and potentially human health. They originate from various activities and products, ranging from the washing of synthetic clothing to the use of plastic packaging and products. The environmental impact of microplastics is significant, as they accumulate in ecosystems and are ingested by marine and freshwater species, leading to potential health issues such as digestive tract problems and exposure to toxic chemicals.


Transitioning to Biodegradable Glitters 

Efforts to mitigate the impact of microplastics include banning microbeads in personal care products in some countries, promoting recycling, and developing biodegradable alternatives. However, the ubiquity of microplastics requires comprehensive strategies spanning industry innovation, legislative action, and consumer behaviour changes. For instance, transitioning to biodegradable glitters in cosmetic body art represents a positive step towards reducing microplastic pollution.


Embracing Sustainable Sparkle

At The Glitter Tree, our campaign to eliminate plastic glitter products align with growing awareness and efforts to tackle microplastic pollution. Our shift towards eco-friendly materials in our products resonate with consumers who are increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability. We encourage more sustainable consumer choices by informing our customers of the environmental benefits of biodegradable glitters and the broader issue of traditional glitter and microplastics. 


The Biodegradable Solution

The alternative to traditional glitter is biodegradable glitter. It replaces tradition plastics with a cellulose core sourced from wood pulp. Sourced from forests managed with sustainability standards, this new method, ensures that the glitter breaks down naturally in freshwater habitats within four weeks, significantly reducing its environmental impact. 


Setting the Standard

Certification for our biodegradable products ensures that our products provide the guarantee of safety and reliability and at the same time, meet the environmental safety standards. It's our testament to our customer's well-being and the planet. 


A Shimmering Future

Biodegradable glitter's versatility and eco-friendly attributes, have made it a favourite among environmentally conscious consumers and brands alike.  By reimagining traditional glitter products, we can pave the way towards a more eco-friendly future.


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What are your thoughts on glitter and microplastics. Share your experiences or any actions they've taken to reduce your environmental impact.


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