Adhesive and Brush Sets

Glitter Tattoo and Body Art Adhesive, designed to last up to 6 days
Professionally designed and packaged makes this the perfect gift idea or refill pack.


Once you’ve chosen your favourite stencil packs, and shimmery glitter, the only thing left to do is to apply your stunning glitter tattoos!

Create perfect glitter tattoos every time with our complete brush set.
Start with the small brush that is designed to let you pick up just enough glitter for easy application and even coverage.
Once the glue has dried and the glitter has set, remove the stencil and use the large, removal brush to dust the excess glitter away and reveal a perfectly sharp, beautiful tattoo.

Brush Set Includes:

Small glitter application brush 8cm high x 0.9cm wide
Large glitter removal brush 10cm high x 1.5cm wide

Body Adhesive Includes:
1 x 10 ml Body Adhesive

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